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Protesters Are Right To Be Concerned About Trudeau And The World Economic Forum/Klaus Schwab Agenda

By Alex Van Hamme - February 23, 2022

During my time in Ottawa covering the Freedom Rallies I had the opportunity to interview and talk with many protesters. The majority of those I spoke with had deep concerns about the relationship that Justin Trudeau, and many other Canadian politicians have with the World Economic Forum and the agenda of it's founder and Executive Chairman, Klaus Schwab.

I also had the opportunity to speak with a women who was there with a small group of people protesting against the protestors on Parliament Hill. I asked her about her opinions and views on the Freedom Convoy and the people protesting. I also asked her if she was familiar with Klaus Schwab and the WEF, to which she replied that she was not aware of who and what Schwab and the WEF are, or their relationship with Justin Trudeau.

(At the 4:00 minute mark of this interview ask if she is aware of who Klauss Shwab and the WEF are).

As you can see in the interview, the women tells me she watches a lot of media but does not hear the name Klaus Schwab mentioned and is not concerned with any sort of relationship or collusion between the WEF and Justin Trudeau. She also expresses that while she believes people should consult a variety of media sources, she doesn't believe the mainstream media, and CBC in particular, are at the point of being completely corrupt, implying she believes if there was a relevant connection between the Trudeau government and the WEF, she would have heard about it.

(I spoke with this protester who expressed his concerns about Trudeau government's relationship with both the UN and the WEF and believes there is a larger agenda going on with our government than the MSM news is telling people.)

In contrast to her views, I spoke with this protester in the video clip above. He had been doing his own research which included looking at statistics on the Government of Canada website. Noticing the vaccine rate was increasing but so was the mortalities from Covid, he expressed his belief that a larger agenda is going on regarding this ongoing pandemic and vaccine mandates, which involves influence from the the WEF and the UN.

So, it became clear to me that a massive difference in the perceptions of many people protesting the current vaccine mandates, and the people who are supporting them, is a general awareness of who Klaus Schwab is and what the WEF is. This isn't surprising to me, and I believe the media is directly responsible for this.

Later that week an Oshawa MP raised the issue in Parliament. As you can see in the clip below, the MP asked directly "In the interest of transparency, could the speaker please name which cabinet ministers are on board with the WEF agenda? My concern is that -". It is at that point he is cut off, and the question is not answered. He is also accused of spreading disinformation.

(Oshawa MP asks Parliament which cabinet ministers are on board with the WEF agenda and is ignore by the Speaker of the House and accused of spreading disinformation).

I find it extremely interesting that an MP was unable to get a straight answer on this simple question. The accusations of spreading disinformation also seem alarming to me, as it is easy to verify that Justin Trudeau is a member of the WEF's "Young Global Leaders' program, and that Klaus Schwab has indeed spoken of penetrating over half of the Canadian Government's cabinet. If the WEF is exerting a significant influence on Justin Trudeau and Canadian politics, and the typical Justin Trudeau supporter is completely unaware of this or what is means, that is a very significant issue.

(In this clip we can see Klaus Schwab discussing the WEF influence on Justin Trudeau.)

Perhaps the Speaker of the House was simply concerned that focusing on the World Economic Forum's agenda is an unnecessary distraction from the real issues going on and would only ignite more fear and conspiracy theories among a segment of the population when it is not necessary or pragmatically useful during the ongoing protests. After all, just because a significant number of cabinet ministers have endorsed the WEF's agenda, does not mean the WEF is exerting any kind of influence or pressure on the Canadian Government when it comes specifically to vaccine passports and mandates.

Above is a description of the YGL created by the WEF, and below is a partial list of members, according to Wikipedia

After speaking with many protestors at the rallies, as well as researching online, I can describe loosely an outline of the conspiracy theory that many Canadians are concerned with. Essentially, the WEF has a globalist agenda, known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in which they speak of creating new ecosystems of integration among nations and people, and new ways of living with "biodigital" technology, as well as restructuring the global economy. In response to the Covid19 agenda the WEF has put forward their plan for The Great Reset. Their slogan "Welcome to 2030: you will own nothing and be happy" has many people deeply concerned about the loss of property rights and many other issues in the future envisioned by the WEF. People fear that the WEF want a world of centralized digital control based on biodigital passports among global citizens in which everything about their lives, including medical history, social credit, credit scores, and other important data can be used to control individuals at the micro level. Because many Canadian politicians are members of the Young Global Leaders initiative, including Jagmeet Singh and Chrystia Freeland, Canadians are concerned that there is an agenda among Canadian politicians to implement Federal level digital ID passports, using the Covid pandemic as justification. As Justin Trudeau seems unwilling to negotiate with protestors regarding vaccine mandates, even when many provinces and Ontario Premiere Doug Ford have expressed that they don't work and should be abandoned, many Canadians are seeing this as confirmation of their fears of a larger agenda held by Trudeau. Recently I published this article, which discusses Canada's plans for bio-digital convergence, as well as digital ID's that are coming to Ontario soon. The vignette described in the Government of Canada does seem to fit with exactly the type of future described in The Great Reset video released by the WEF.

Klaus Schwab of the WEF discusses the 4th Industrial Revolution

My personal view on this issue is it is unclear if Trudeau's actions regarding vaccine mandates are directly linked to the WEF agenda he has endorsed, although it is one of various theories I have considered. Trudeau, as well as Jagmeet Singh are indeed Canadian politicians working with and endorsing the WEF, which does have a public globalist agenda to pursue their Great Reset. How much of this is currently directly relevant to Trudeau's vaccine mandates and unwillingness to drop them is unknowable to me at this time.

My greater point that I want to stress in this article is that regardless of whether or not the WEF and Klaus Shwab are currently directly influencing Trudeau's response to the Covid19 situation and his vaccine mandates, Canadians still have a very real reason to be concerned about the WEF. Many Canadians have no idea what the WEF is, and are not voting for Trudeau or the NPD or any Canadian politicians who have endorsed the WEF realizing that those people have endorsed an agenda which is by definition a globalist agenda that goes against the interests of individual nations and seeks to transform the world and global economy. Issues like mass immigration, property rights, economic protectionism, digital IDs and other serious issues must be presented to Canadians with this in mind. Many Canadians want a government that is putting Canadians first, not the rest of the world above the interests of Canadians. If they are unaware of the real vision and agenda of the politicians they are voting for, this cannot be a functioning democracy. The inability to get a clear answer from Parliament on even basic questions relating to the influence of the WEF is also alarming, as the media has not informed the public that many politicians have endorsed the vision of the WEF. All Canadians should be properly informed of who the WEF are, what they stand for, and how many Canadian politicians have endorsed their vision and are working with them.


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