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Excitement Grows With Announcement Scott Kvasni Headlining Bay Fest Comedy Show

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

By Anton Lizardo

Scott Kvasni is finally coming out of retirement to make a triumphant return to comedy this summer by headlining the Bay Fest Comedy Show in Port Rowan Ontario. The announcement was made in a press statement by Kvasni this week, sparking waves of excitement among long time fans. The show will be hosted by veteran comedian Alex Van Hamme and feature special guest Scorpion, the multitalented artist from British Columbia.

(Above: Scott Kvasni addresses fans at a press conference after announcing his triumphant return to comedy.)

With three major personalities coming together for the first time in one show, there is sure to be a boom to the local economy from the increased presence the show will bring. However, some critics are already skeptical the town can support the sheer number of people who will most likely descend upon the small community for the show.

However, local authorities are confident they have enough manpower and officers available to handle the size of the event.

The last time Kvasni and Van Hamme performed on the same show together was in 2015, which was a fundraiser held at the Port Rowan Community Centre. Although the show was nearly sold out, organizers were able to prevent chaos from breaking out and the show was a huge success.

During his recent announcement Kvasni remarked fondly:

"Port Rowan is where the magic happens. Port Rowan is a special town with special people. I've performed there many years ago and the best description is "magical". Port Rowan was always my top choice for the comeback, and when I heard Scorpion had interest, that just clinched it. There is no second choice at this point. It's going to be rock n' roll, and hopefully we get some laughs. Port Rowan is the coolest town in Ontario, and you can quote me on that".

Kvasni, Scorpion and Van Hamme met in 2004 while attending Humber College and first launching their comedy careers.

"I remember when I first met these guys, they were the funniest guys I'd ever come across. There was absolutely no doubt in my mind by 2023 they'd be headlining shows as big as Bay Fest. To be a part of the same show as these guys, well let's just say I'm excited about life for the first time in years, literally." said Van Hamme.

The show will take place the Saturday evening of Bay Fest, which will be held Labour Day Weekend. More details will become available as they are announced.

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