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Be Aware Of Canada's Plans for "Biodigital Convergence"

Currently there is a Government of Canada document online titled "Exploring Biodigital Convergence" which discusses the plan and vision that the government have for the future of Canadians. You can read the online document by clicking here.

The document is essentially a guide to transhumanism and discusses the ways in which digital technology and biotechnology are merging and coevolving. It sketches out the ways in which biodigital technologies will be transforming human beings, as well as our economy, culture and ecosystems. It directly states that changing human bodies, minds and behaviour will be possible with this new technology.

The document also provides this account of what a transhumanist future could be like.

Whether or not this sounds like a paradise or hell to you is a subjective judgement, however there is reason to be very concerned about the type of centralized power this system would give the elites. Many Canadians are not yet aware of just how developed much of this technology already is, including virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

It is also very important to realize that the Government of Ontario are moving towards implementing digital IDs sooner than most people realize. Here is a link to the Government of Ontario website discussing digital IDs. While the website does state that these digital IDs will be optional, it begs the question of just how long they will remain optional.

The push towards transhumanism is accelerating and coming from many different places. Futurist and transhumanist advocate Ray Kurzweil has gone into detail describing the digital world he envisions humanity living in, and champions the idea that we can leave our physical bodies behind to live in the digial avatar of our choosing, essentially as any sex, gender or race one desires.

The theme of transhumanism is even being promoted in Hollywood with such films as The Matrix Resurrections, which Lilly Wachowski has stated is "a trans metaphor". In this context, by "trans" Lilly is referring to both transgenderism and transhumanism.

This transhumanist future envisioned by people like Justin Trudeau, Klaus Shwab, Ray Kurzweil, and Lilly Wachowski may seem like an unrealistic science-fiction fever dream, but it very important to know that the Government of Canada takes this very seriously, and this is indeed the direction in which policy makers are trying to take us. Be aware, and be warned.

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