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OPINION: Canadian Politicians Need to Denounce Antifa as a Domestic Terror Group Immediately

(ABOVE: Antifa member taken into custody at Nathan Philips Square in Toronto, Canada).

The time has come for Canadian politicians across the board to denounce the anarchist group Antifa as a domestic terror group. The definition of terrorism is "the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in pursuit of political aims". Antifa absolutely fit this definition perfectly, and at this point in time, any politician from any political party who refuses to acknowledge and denounce the cowardly behaviour of antifa should face serious criticism.

Over the last several years I have witnessed a significant amount of violence at the hand of anonymous antifa thugs at various political events and Free Speech rallies. The organization, which is spread throughout Europe and North America, is composed of various unrelated groups of people who actively engage in violence and coordinated intimidation of many citizens they arbitrarily feel have opinions which should not be expressed. They tend to attack individuals in groups and often use weapons.

(ABOVE: Antifa violence at Nathan Philips Square in Toronto during a Free Speech Rally.)

The videos presented below are footage that FBM has recorded over the previous two years that demonstrate how Antifa act and operate in public spaces. They wear masks to conceal their identity and they engage in threats, intimidation and violence against anyone they arbitrarily decide to attack. They proclaim they are righteous fighting fascism, but the simple and obvious reality is that they are looking for a reason to act violently and clearly smearing people who are not fascists with that label to justify their own disgusting behaviour.

It's time for people to reach out to their local politicians and demand that antifa be deemed a domestic terror group and the rule of law enforced. It is also time people start holding the MSM accountable for covering up the reality of what antifa actually are through euphemisms simply because they are an anti-right-wing organization.

Please watch the Exclusive FBM footage below to see examples of antifa violence and how they operate at public events and rallies.

(ABOVE: antifa harass and intimidate protests at a PEGIDA rally in Toronto.)

(ABOVE: Antifa engage in street violence with various groups rallying in support of Free Speech in Toronto.)

(Above: Antifa continue to clash with Free Speech supporters, and at least one of them brings a knife into the crowd).

(ABOVE: Antifa thug tries to snatch camera from Free Speech Supporter).

(ABOVE: MSM Reporter Pam Seattle hassled by Antifa).

(Above: Antifa harass people in Hamilton Ontario.)

#FreeSpeech #Antifa #DomesticTerrorism

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