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FBM EATS: 3 Delicious Food Spots To Check Out in Toronto Before Summer Ends

With summer more than half over already, I'd like to make some suggestions on my favourite places to eat around Toronto. With Toronto being as large as it is, there are essentially an endless amount of delicious food options available. If you're visiting the city from out of town and would like to try some local treasures, here are 3 of my top pics of anywhere in the city to eat.


Seven Lives in Kensington Market specialize in baja-style fish tacos. At 6$ a piece, these delicious tacos are the best in the city. They are most known for their Gobernator fish taco, although my personal favourite is the Pulpo Endojado (spicy octopus taco) pictured above. The menu is small and simple but every single item is delicious, and a nice bonus is they serve the original cain-sugar Coca Cola, which I prefer to American Coca Cola. The tiny spot in Kensington is small and only has one table for patrons, but even when it's packed it's still worth the visit. Highly recommended. 5/5.

Location: 65 Kensington Avenue, Toronto



Bobby Sue's Mac + Cheese offers the best Mac n' Cheese I have ever had. They offer a range of delicious custom macs, including one with curry and tuna, one with an all-beef hotdog, and my personal favourite, the Pulled Pork Mac, pictured above. The small sizes cost around 10$ on average and the large size is a few dollars more, and they are absolutely worth it if you can afford it. It's take-out only as it does not offer seating, but it's an absolute treasure here in Toronto you won't want to miss. 5/5

Location: 162 Ossington Ave, #3, Toronto


Sneaky Dee's is a bar located at College and Bathurst in Toronto, and it offers some of the best nachos in the city. The Northern Dawn nachos (pictured above) are a personal favourite of mine. A plate goes for 24$ and can easily feed three people. The atmosphere is laid back and the drinks are reasonably priced. If you're in the mood for nachos, definitely head to Sneaky Dee's. 4/5.

Location: 431 College Street, Toronto.