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NEWS: Evidence Suggests "Trump Derangement Syndrome" Is Real

American therapist Elisabeth LaMotte recently spoke to the Canadian state-sponsored CBC, telling the broadcaster that she is seeing a rise in Trump related anxiety in her patients. LaMotte is the founder of the D.C. Counselling and PsychoTherapy Center. Therapists note politically related anxiety is on the rise with both Trump supporters and Trump detractors. This phenomenon, sometimes known as "Trump Derangement Syndrome" in regards to progressives, or "Trump Anxiety Disorder" in a more general sense, has been on the rise in recent months according to experts from across the country, says the CBC.

Many Trump supporters are claiming the stress from being called a racist or fascist by Trump detractors is making them feel particularly disheartened or angry. Many of them also report feeling scared of being physically attacked just for supporting Trump online. The term "Trump Derangement Syndrome" is a neologism used to describe progressives and liberals who respond to Trump irrationally, with little regard for his actual actions or policies. Although many progressives mistakingly believe Trump to be a fascist, he does not qualify as a fascist when analyzed honestly with a correct understanding of fascism. Experts are linking this problem with excessive time spent on social media.

Trump Derangement Syndrome has been increasing in Canada since before the last U.S. presidential election, with a rise in the members of neo-fascist organization ANTIFA, who regularly assault Trump supporters at rallies and on the street, as frequently documented by Free Bird Media.

(ABOVE: Antifa attack students leaving Free Speech rally at Toronto City Hall.)

Read the original CBC article here:

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