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420 : No permit required

image by Kateryna Horina

This year’s 420 was last one before the cannabis is legalized in Canada.

However, the closer the legalization is, the stricter are the rules.

This year’s Toronto 420 organizers Chris and Elvin Goodwin were twice denied to host the event.

A month before the event, organizers shared an official rejection notice from the city’s department of economic development and culture on there Facebook page.

The notice stated that although the 420 Toronto Comedy Festival application states that it will have speakers, vendors and entertainment, they know that there are “other activities” to take place that are of concern and why a permit cannot be issued.

The notice also provided the applicable By-Law information from the City of Toronto Website.

However, Goodwin decided that the show must go on.

The duo, posted on there Facebook event page a couple of days after urging people to come and set up tables at the Nathan Philips square as early as they can.

Originally, more than 25 vendors and A bunch of artists were organized to attend the event.

Due to a lack of permit, thousands of people just gathered around the Nathan Philips smoking, speaking to each other and just having a good time.

Some Vendors were selling their goods in the crowd not at a booth like other years.

Free goods and discount flyers were also distributed as the promotion.

The celebration was scheduled to take place between noon and 7 PM, and the square began to fill up around 2 PM.

As 4:20 was getting closer, more and more people and vendors started to show up.

Despite the concert being cancelled, music was played through the portable speakers.

The lack of entertainment was compensated by a chance to enjoy watching the people around.

People of all ages came there dressed up with marijuana logos, with some of them coming fully dressed up: there was a guy dressed as a huge bong, for example.

Alison Tsvi, who attends 420 for the second time, says she is kinda worried about the lack of vendors.

“That’s so strange they didn’t give a permit to host the event this year. It is really cool just to be there, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who wanted to buy something from the vendors that were announced,” Tsvi says.

A huge cloud of the smoke hang over the Nathan Philips.

After 4:20, people slowly started to leave.

However, The Nathan Philips was pretty crowded till the end of the day, with people coming there just to share their joy with others.

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