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Free Speech Comedy Show Shut Down Amid Nonsensical Accusations of Racism

George Carlin and Lenny Bruce are spinning in their graves right now.

Saturday night the locks on the doors at Comedy Bar in Toronto were destroyed in order to prevent a free speech themed comedy show titled "No Fascist T.O. Comedy Show" from taking place.

The show, organized by Jewish comedian Danny Polishchuk featured a diverse range of comedians in terms of ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation.

The screenshot below is the description for the show as it was listed on

The Description of the event as listed on

The show was being put on in response to the cancellation of a talk that would have featured Jordan Peterson, Faith Goldy, Oren Amitay, and Gad Saad ironically titled "The Stifling of Free Speech on University Campuses". All of these individuals have been incorrectly labeled as "racist" and "bigoted" by the radical left. It appears that because the show was inspired in support of these individuals, anyone involved with this show is being labeled a "neo-nazi".

It is unclear why the radical leftists thought the Proud Boys would be attending a comedy show on the night of the Conor McGregor/Floyd Mayweather fight. Although the Proud Boys are considered "racist" among SJW and progressive circles, there is nothing inherently racist about their organization. Adding to the confusion surrounding the motivation for shutting down the event is that fact that it seems from the comments appearing on Facebook that those who opposed the show either didn't read the description of the event, or chose to wilfully ignore it for some reason.

The full line-up of comics featured on the show were JJ Liberman, Martha Chavez, Ernie Vicente, Amish Patel, Keven Soldo, Dan Guiry, Sandra Battaglini, and Pat Burtscher. None of these comedians are particularly controversial.

While many "progressives" in the Toronto stand-up comedy scene are applauding the individuals who are responsible for shutting down the event, many others are slowly coming to the scary realization of the world we now live in. While free speech was once an issue at the forefront of the world of stand-up comedy, today it is no longer a value synonymous with liberal comedy culture. And this is a shame that has far reaching consequences for our culture in general.

Considering that radical Toronto leftist Keven Metcalf and most of the members of Toronto Antifa are white, perhaps we should all take a moment to consider the great words of the late stand-up comedian George Carlin:

Psychologist and U of T Professor Jordan Peterson, along with his grad students, has studied radical leftist psychology and the psychology of PC Authoritarianism in depth. To better understand the mindset of the radical leftists who shut down this event, I suggest watching the following clip where Peterson explains his research findings.

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