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Free Speech Advocates Will Face Off Against Antifa on May 6

A clash between Free Speech advocates and leftist groups is expected to take place on May 6th at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto. The Protest, which originated as part of a monthly protest against the Liberal’s M-103 motion against “Islamophobia” has grown into the symbolic battleground of the current culture war.

Members of the Toronto Proud Boys, Sons of Odin, the Canadian Coalition of Concerned Citizens, the Jewish Defense League and general supporters of free speech will be in attendance to support free speech and Western values. Opposite to them will be Cultural Marxists, including members of the Communist Party of Canada, far left terrorist group Antifa, Muslim Lives Matter and general progressives.

Police presence at these rallies has been increasing in recent months, due in part to the number of arrests and violence at these protests, mostly initiated by members of the authoritarian leftist group Antifa. Antifa has continued to become increasingly aggressive and violent at protests across the U.S. and Canada, although opposition to Antifa has also been growing exponentially.

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