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Antifa Members Charged After Assaulting Peaceful Protestors at Toronto Freedom Rally

This past Saturday (March 4, 2017) a small group of protestors held an organized protest at Toronto City Hall to voice their objection to the Liberal’s M103 motion, which is known as the anti-antiislamophia motion. Most members of the group said their objections to the motion are based on freedom of speech issues, as well as the fact that they don’t believe any one religion should have special privileges above others, specifically protection from criticism. They referenced the fact that statistically Jews and blacks are the most discriminated against groups in Canada as reasons for seeing the motion as being unnecessary and unfair.

A much larger counter-protest group rallied to protest against the initial group of protestors. Among the crowd were members of Antifa, an aggressive organization dedicated to silencing any group or individual who disagrees with their neomarxist leftist ideology, which is a mixture or post-modernist and radical marxist beliefs.

Violence soon erupted as members of Antifa began assaulting individuals isolated from the crowd and stealing personal property. Police moved in quickly and many people have been arrested and charged, although the exact number of people charged is not currently known. Typical antifa tactics including wearing black masks and targeting individuals in groups, typically individuals who are clearly vulnerable based on gender or age.

Antifa have become increasingly violent and radical in recent weeks, attacking and justifying violence against the elderly and even children, although a string of recent arrests and charges in both Canada in the U.S. shows progress is being made in combatting the problem.

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