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About Free Bird Media

 Free Bird Media is a Canadian independent media platform seeking to protect and promote freedom of thought by publishing news and opinions from different points of view on controversial subjects. Initially beginning as a Free Speech platform meant to counter the authoritarianism of radical leftist politics, FBM's mandate has expanded to include producing Canadian media on a variety of topics with an open mind, focused on a search for truth.


Understanding that words are the tools we use to solve problems and avoid violence, Free Bird Media seeks to bring public attention to the politically incorrect issues that others would rather avoid and prevent from being examined.


 Free Bird Media is a non-partisan platform. Ideological diversity is an important component of philosophical, political, and journalistic inquiry. Only by opening up views to the vulnerability of rejection and debate can people learn which ideas can stand the stress of criticism. At FBM, we believe that it is not be the role of media to push a popular narrative, but to help facilitate the search for truth, freedom, and progress.

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